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We don't take credit for being the first, and we won't be the last; but we do accept the recognition for providing exceptional value in non-traditional risk transfer financing.

Insurance Linked Securities

Uncorrelated returns. Direct access to insurance funding needs. Exceptional returns.

Our insurance risk related investments allow investors access to high returns, unique offerings and over-the-counter fund placement. Our programs bridge the gap between the financial services and insurance markets. 

Einstein works with a number of specialized resources to identify the best insurance investment deals in the alternative risk marketplace today.  


Whether placing reinsurance collateral or funding a bond, our low risk insurance capital is a viable alternative to traditional financial investments. Collateralized and short term, these investments offer the ultimate non-market returns. 


We're confident that our specialized programs will add value to your investment portfolio. 1

We are Private Equity

Putting capital to work in non-traditional lending situations in the risk transfer market.

There are a number of applications where traditional funding sources are unable to provide the required solutions.


That's where we come in. Einstein Capital provides funding options and cash flow solutions for business risk applications. 


Einstein Capital serves as a special purpose lender for various transactions typically otherwise arranged through banks or other financial institutions. 


In today's business environment where access to capital is necessary for efficient operation, Einstein Capital is able to provide a number of funding arrangements to meet your capital needs.

Alternative Risk Funding

Einstein Capital is one of the premier lenders in the non-traditional risk transfer market. 

Alternative risk transfer funding is a specialized finance mechanism that allows an insured to borrow premium payments or other funding amounts. Einstein Capital, as the alternative risk transfer lender advances premium payments or other funds on behalf of the insured.


Funding alternative risks has never been more efficient. From large group arrangements to small insurance companies, Einstein Capital provides cost effective cash flow options to cover your alternative risks.


We commonly fund comprehensive company wide insurance programs, single-parent and group captive insurance companies, risk retention groups, statutory funding gaps, deductible lines, and many more applications.

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