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Financial Services

The Einstein Group is not your ordinary financial services firm; we value relationships, have a long-term vision and return real value.

Your Financial Partner

We impose high standards to perform at a top level for our clients and investors. 

Insurance Law, Tax Law, and Accounting are all core competencies in which our staff excels. 

We are truly a team of professionals that are qualified, sophisticated and forward-thinking. 

Our leaders provide excellence in a number of financial service areas, including but not limited to:


  • Domestic and Foreign Insurance Law

  • Domestic and International Taxation

  • Capital Structure & Businesses

  • Private Equity Management 


Every day presents a new challenge. That's why we're here. We often take a step back and see the larger picture which enables us to continue to follow our core practices. 

The days of providing segregated services regarding international finance are long gone. A new and creative way of thinking is needed. 


Our ability to provide flexibility in terms of financial and risk transfer transactions, strategically positions us as a valuable partner to a number of working relationships. 


Consequently, the results our firm provides to our clients and partners are innovative and effective.  

International Markets

In a world of uncertainty and unchartered territory, one can rely on certain unchanging pillars to guide them towards their desired objective.

The Einstein Group participates at various levels and in areas regarding financial service transactions and relationships worldwide.


Financial theory, macro-economic analysis, creative thinking and problem-solving lead to efficient market solutions for our clients. 


Particular attention is dedicated to: international transaction development and implementation of risk transfer, insurance, reinsurance and capital transactions. 

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